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    • First Whistle
    • Mom’s HAIR
    • My Cub Scout Cap
    • Belt, Cap, Scarf. and Whistle -1962
    • Indians On Water

    “Rumors of Time”


    If my project “Time In a Swing” is the Yin, my “Rumors of Time” project is the Yang


    Both are restricted to the same geophysical space:
    34°56’6.546″ n 83°50’23.958″ w   +   300 Feet


    “Time in a Swing” explores The Now of what I find there. This project, Rumors of Time,” explores what I carry into that space. Specifically: personal objects, memorabilia from my life.

    The images, of course, contain the thing itself and, more importantly, if successful, include the rumors about the memorabilia that I have carried forward in time.